Welcome to my Sunny Day Photography page!

Although I have been a photographer in one way or another since 1996, SunnyDay Photography wasn’t officially created until 2007. With a Sony Cyber Shoot camera in hand and my 2 year old daughter on the other side of the lens I continuously snapped pictures of her as she grew. Back then I liked to put my logo on the bottom of some pictures to make it seem official to me.

I started thinking more “professionally” in the Fall of 2013 when I got my Nikon DSRL “big girl” camera and had my first few paying clients. I started a Facebook photography page with maybe 30 followers (who were all my friends) and began posting my sessions there. Three years later my following continues to grow and I’m meeting some really amazing people along the way! I love so many things about being a photographer but probably the best and most important thing is being able to capture such special moments in their children’s lives in a photograph. These moments go by lighting fast but stand still in your pictures so years later you can always remember all the parts of the story.

The name Sunny Day came about after my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I always knew there would be “Sunny Days” after she beat it. Now she has been cancer free for 10 years and it’s safe to say there have been many sunny days!